I was toying with the idea of a Yendor 2 and/or 3 remake, probably starting with the engine.

I would make this an open-source project, probably with a desire to make it browser based using HTML5 and WebGL technologies.

This is a very, very niche project, but I’m hoping there might be others out there interested in embarking on such a project?

Maybe Rodney Smith or anybody at SW Games could help out?

I uploaded the files, I haven’t yet uploaded my small personal framework that accompanied it, but all you’re missing is some basic file handling class and a custom zlib wrapper, which is probably a little more complicated, but easily replaced.

The project is released under GPL, so if you do make any changes that end up seeing a public release, you must make sure to give them back to the project so that we can all benefit.

Either send me the code via e-mail, posting a comment or by becoming a part of the project.

Anyway, check it out: