Here are some patches for Heroes of Might and Magic III that I’ve stumbled across.

Heroes 3 HD – HoMM3 High Resolution Project


This is a fantastic patch that allows you to run Heroes of Might and Magic III at pretty much any resolution that you desire. It even works fine at up to my native 2048×1152 resolution for me.



In the second image, you can see a small map practically being displayed at once at such a high resolution. I personally run the game in 1280×800 so that it doesn’t knock the shit out of my eyesight 🙂

As you can see from the images below, the game remains at standard Heroes of Might and Magic III size, you just get to see more of it. Excellent!


Newer versions of the Heroes 3 HD patch now have a built in no-cd feature and fix windowed mode issues with all colour depths.

32BitPatch (32-Bit Patch for Heroes of Might and Magic III)


Personally, I like to play Heroes of Might and Magic III in a window without having to change the desktop to 16-bit and avoid the annoying 65536 colours limitation

This handy utility allows you to paly Might and Magic III in a window while also having the desktop remain in 32-bit colour.

Apparently this utility can be used in conjuction with the Heroes 3 HD patch from above, but it only crashed for me. I take it that it’s outdated, which is a shame. Larger resolutions in a windowed mode would be great.


This patch has been pretty well superseded by the Heroes 3 HD patch above which has this feature and much more.

Heroes of Might and Magic III: In the Wake of Gods


In the Wake of Gods is a free unofficial expansion designed to allow the addition of scripts via the Event Related Model (ERM). Some of the enhancements that WoG brings to the table are much needed, basic features missing from the original game-play such as a “purchase all creatures” button, the quick combat option, etc. as well as some medium-level additions such as the Artificer, a new structure for upgrading, combining and changing items, new bonuses for artifacts, skills and so on, while other additions allow some fairly radical game-play changes, such as adding creature stack experience, a third level of upgrade for creatures, etc.

I must admit, the first time I gave this expansion a go, I really didn’t get on with it, but I was really looking for a new experience in HoMMIII so I ended up revisiting it. All of the features that WoG brings to the table can be turned off, and you may find yourself adding the features back in once you get used to the changes anyway.

Initially, the “WoG Options” is somewhat overwhelming (Part of what initially put me off), but take the time to give the options a quick read and you’ll soon have it all figured out.

Note: The Heroes 3 HD patch above also works with this expansion.

Hot on the heels of my PHP MD2 renderer that loads a Quake II MD2 model file and renders and rotates the model in 3D, I decided that it was clunky and to take advantage of new techniques in browsers

I present an HTML5 based Quake II MD2 model loader and renderer that I wrote to demonstrate file reading and canvases.

(Click Image to View HTML5 MD2 Renderer)


I used the BinaryReader which was refactored by Vjeux although I had to slightly refactor it myself as I had problems getting floats to read properly. I quickly wrote my own function for calculating the IEE 754 Single precision floats rather than modify the function as doing it from scratch was quicker in the end, either way, it gave me the result I was after.

I also made use of the MD2 file format specification document by David Henry because I’m nowhere near smart enough to remember the headers every time I do an MD2 reader 🙂

This demo will not work in Internet Explorer 8 or less. Use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera. They are all far better choices.

Not much to say except that this is a PHP script that loads an MD2 file server side (You have a choice between Quad Damage and Space Marine models). The script parses the data and outputs it to a GDImage as a wireframe model.

This was just for fun and I hope it doesn’t prove to be too heavy for my host’s servers.

You can update the model’s rotation manually or click the auto update checkbox to have it perform one complete 360 degree rotation.

(Do one complete 360 degree rotation)

This is just a simple modification of the Javascript bookmarklet called “Darken” by Gina Trapani. No idea if it had already been updated or not, but here’s the list of what I changed for anybody interested:

  • Running the bookmarklet multiple times toggles the darken effect on and off! Saves refreshing the page
  • Changed the colour scheme to green text
  • Added hover effect for links
  • Changed link colour and added underline to differentiate links
  • Changed link visited colour
  • Only uses the appendChild method as that’s all the Browsers I use support (Opera, IE9, Firefox, Chrome)
javascript: (function (){var newSS, styles = '* { background-color: black ! important; color: green !important; }a:link, a:link * { color: green !important; text-style: underline; }a:visited, a:visited * { color: #7f0000 !important; }a:hover, a:hover * { color: red !important; }';var elemHead = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];var elemCSS = document.getElementById("darkenCSS");if (elemCSS){elemHead.removeChild(elemCSS);}else{newSS = document.createElement('link');newSS.rel = 'stylesheet';newSS.href = 'data:text/css,' + escape(styles); = "darkenCSS";elemHead.appendChild(newSS);}})();