This was a pretty decent episode. We got introduced to a bunch of new ideas and possibilities.

It had my mind crawling with thoughts from this episode and previous episodes.

  1. While the MiB (Man in Black) talks about installing the Frozen Donkey Wheel, it’s clear that the group of people MiB was living with get wiped out before they get a chance to install it.
  2. We have the really old image of the smoke monster as depicted on the wall under the temple where the smoke monster seems to be some form of guardian, but this honestly doesn’t  match the malevolent personality of the smoke monster as we see in MiB although we know that MiB uses people to his own end.
  3. 1318px-RaMonster

  4. Given the hieroglyphs in the cavern where the Frozen Donkey Wheel finally ends up being installed, presumably by a new group of people of Egyptian origin, who come to the Island after the events in Across the Sea". These are presumably the same people that made the statue, the temple and the wall art above.
  5. The diagram underneath the temple shows that these people were aware of the monsters ability to bear a human face. The smoke monster has a face.
  6. The idea of the monster as a guardian is further enforced by the hieroglyphics on the door to Ben’s secret room apparently reading “to summon protection”.
  7. How did Mother manage to wipe out an entire village of people by herself. This is what led people to believe she may have been Smokey.
  8. It was pretty easy to initially speculate that Mother might have been one incarnation of the smoke monster, but on her death, she does leave behind a body. So perhaps not. Also note that she doesn’t seem to age either.
  9. When the MiB enters the cave with the light, just before the smoke monster comes billowing out, we see the light dim.
  10. The monster must carry the body out and dump it after it’s finished with MiB

I’m pretty convinced that the smoke monster, but not as we know it, has always been its own separate entity. The introduction of the MiB just tainted it.

As obvious as it might sound, the smoke monster probably _was_ the bright light in the cave which was turned dark as the MiB tainted it. Either the light turned dark / went out, or the light was merely blocked by the monster as it rose out of the cave. Maybe up until that point, the smoke monster was just a “tabula rasa”. A blank slate.

Is the image depicted on the wall under the temple (as in point 2) before or after the events in this episode? Somebody must have finished building that Frozen Donkey Wheel.

It’s good to finally see an end to the Adam and Eve story too.

I think the last three episodes have got their work cut out for them to wrap up all of our questions _and_ end the show!

In “Follow the Leader”, we saw the following dialogue[1]:

JACK: You wanna tell me how we’re gonna get a bomb out of here?

RICHARD: The same way we brought it in.

JACK: I assume you don’t mean through the pool.

RICHARD: It’s a 12-foot long, 40,000-pound hydrogen bomb. No, not through the pool.

It’s a good question. How _did_ they transport the bomb?



I started looking for adventure games recently and on my search, I decided to compile a list of these games.

I have made two pages. One page is for the First Person adventure games, and the second is for the Third Person (Point’n’Click) adventure games.

I hope to eventually add a gallery for each game.

I hope for the lists to be as comprehensive as possible, but currently there are many titles missing, including, quite possible, some of my very favourites! Even so, don’t hesitate to remind me of any missing games.

I needed a custom pulser / throbber animation for a software project (Similar to the kind you see in Ajax loaders) and given my propensity for programming versus art, I wrote a somewhat daft, simple application to dump out the aforementioned animation.

If you fancy using this in your project, be my guest.


I’ve already used PNGOut to optimize the image’s size. Bringing it down from 16KB to 11KB.

On a point of interest, the file size for a skyscraper (tall) version of the above image, even after optimization, was 16KB, 5KB larger than the wide version, which illustrates the extra capacity needed to deal with those extra rows and most importantly, the loss of optimization potential.

Here is an animated GIF version (8KB):


There are also other services that deal with this kind of thing for those interested (amongst others):

Have a great day.

I’ve been searching high and low for decent HoMMIII allied maps for cooperative play but usually to no avail.

Does anybody out there have any that they know of?

Here are a bunch of links to get started: