Check out my new website, Portable-Net.

It’s designed to be a comprehensive database for portable devices (PDAs, Netbooks, UMPCs, MIDs, Notebooks, etc) listing detailed specifications.

The plan is to implement an advanced search engine to help users locate a specific portable device from broad details such as screen size, weight, down to the most minute of details, such as processor type, chipset, graphics, wireless and wired network support, touch screen, swivel screen support and so on.

I hope everybody enjoys the site. As time goes on, it shall feature an increasing amount more content. So make sure to keep checking back!

Whilst watching a film in bed recently just trying to relax, I became frustrated with the fact that there was a massive variance between the volume of the speaking scenes which I could barely hear, and the action scenes which caused me to crap my pants and jump for the remote.

In the end, after several attempts, I found KMG Dynamic Volume 20, a plugin for Winamp that seeks to soften out the variations in the volume.

No more jumping for the remote every other scene 🙂